Online rap battle
gone mobile
In 2019-2020 more than 10000 MCs are participating 17th online season of " independent battle".

In spite of incredible hype and thousands of tracks, no easy way to listen to these tracks on a mobile device exists.

So we came in to fix that.
- User Experience
- Visual design
- Backend development
- iOS development
Apple Music for battle rap
The whole point of building the app was to create a user-friendly way to surf the battle's grid, explore their states, and listen to tracks both online and offline.

We didn't have to look far to put the best user experience from existing streaming platforms into our prototype.

Some app-specific features required special UX development. The battle consists of 9-10 rounds. The number of tracks diminishes by half in each round as the battle progresses. So we designed a handy 2-axis scrollable grid with the ability to switch between two neighbor grids by toggling a switcher on top.
Familiar music player experience
What's special about a rap battle?
There is an MC versus MC situation.

When users listen to tracks, they don't just need playback with familiar controls; they need the ability to capture the drama of two opponents disrespecting one another. We've positioned the opponents next to each other to keep the rap heat up.

We've also paid special attention to responsive UI and smooth animations. In order to keep up with and outperform the stiff competition in the mobile music player market, we know we have to meet high standards.

Two months

From the birth of the idea to its public release
95 hours

To code an iOS app from scratch
Tech. Goals.
From scratch, inspired by Apple Music. Sketch, Zeplin.
API with GoLang, PostgreSQL.
iOS app's stack: Swift, MVVM+R, Rx, Realm.
Our strategy is to become an official app for this and similar future events. We integrated Firebase analytics and the Appsflyer tracking system to collect user data and prove the app is in demand.
Get the app
if you'd like to listen to Russian rap
or just to check out user experience.