We create mobile apps
Rich experience and fresh minds convert technologies into beautiful apps.
Now, we're not saying we've been building apps since the first iPhone was invented, but for the last few years we've done what we love and loved what we do. We are truly passionate about the mobile apps world, so we constantly explore new technologies, tools, and approaches. We also take part in mobile app events and seek out like-minded people.

Team: small & collaborative
Vadim Popov
Ruslan Aliev
Lead Android developer
Ivan Glushko
iOS developer
Alexander Gapanovich
Android developer
Max Makeychik
Android developer
Daria Yeskova
iOS developer
Arthur Sokolov
iOS developer
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Our team adheres to the following principles
Be product oriented
Don't code just to code. Keep in mind the product's vision and serve its purpose.
Put quality first
Bug fixes are expensive. Predict vulnerabilities in advance.
Do what's important
Fancy features are fun for everyone, but correct priorities save time and money.
Think of details
Little factors make an ordinary app outstanding and enjoyable to use.
Use patterns
No need to reinvent the wheel for trivial tasks. The best solutions already exist.
Act responsible
Analyze before making decisions. Keep a high level of accountability.

Vadim Popov
I used to be a freelancer who produced apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. I was always completely involved in each stage of development and felt a real responsibility for the apps I created. Eventually, the number of new project inquiries overwhelmed my abilities, so I decided to hire someone who could help me.

Today, I'm incredibly proud of the team we've built. We extend the range of our skills by learning and involving fresh minds. We pass on the wisdom of our experience to newcomers and keep tasks fun and challenging for everyone.

We take every project we work on very seriously. While creating apps is always fun for us, we're still mindful of the money our clients spend on building the products. So we meet, discuss, listen, suggest, track progress, and frequently report our work status.

Thanks for learning more about us today. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us; we'd be happy to hear from you, even if it's just to point you in the right direction.