A set of mini-games for «Aeroflot — Russian airlines».

The project was developed by GD Forge
studio together with our team
Crossplatform gaming app for iOS and Android for improving loyalty of clients who participate «Aeroflot Bonus» program. Playing these 5 mini-games in a couple of hours before a flight departure passenger collects gaming coins which can be converted into bonus miles in future.
Unity 3D

Develop the whole system: backend + frontend, decompose tasks, parallelize backend and crossplatform app development, release for iOS and Android.

The main idea of the app is a so-called "premium mode" which can be activated by clients who have a valid flight booking number not earlier than 2 hours before departure. Coins they earn in this mode can be further exchanged for bonus miles of «Aeroflot Bonus» loyalty program.
Initially the customer provided us with a SRS with a list of required technologies and development tools.

Vadim Popov (CEO Upstarts) leaded the project personally being its manager (conversations with the customer, timings control, tasks management) and teamlead (technical consulting of the team members, architectural solutions, etc). Also he developed 100% of the backend API with PHP (Phalcon), MySQL and 100% of the UI interface of the app (except for the games themselves) - Unity 3D, C#.
Thousands of users played Aerogames every day earning bonus miles. This was a really cool experience of development and support such a large and high loaded system for the entire team.
«Aerogames» were released in march 2017 and stayed in stores for a year till the end of the bonus program.

Today you can find a promo-page of the project on the official website.
More than 10 people
Involved: programmers, game designers, artists, managers
7 months
Team was working on the project from scratch to release
Thousands of players
Were earning premium coins every day and exchanged them for bonus miles
The project was developed by GD Forge studio.
Vadim Popov (Upstarts CEO)
Lead of the development team
A team of game designers, artists, programmers